What Have I Done? My Anger

Artist: Caliban
Song: Storm Of Rage

Walls collapse onto me,

I ride the storm of rage

a mistake became a chain – reaction and the reflection falls upon me
it's time for change,

understanding and faith are what friends are about,

but on every corner disappointment

(is waiting, every wall would have understood me better),

I am cold.

I stand alone and all that remains is the hope for help,

the anger is strong and threatens to destroy me,

because what was will never be again,

too much has happened and the mind becomes dull,

it is the tragedy of time,

a sea of tears for grief,

but from the shadows of my tears,

of my past,

you come and give me your hand,

tame my anger

my tears fade and together we fight as friend

together we fight as friend for (the) time.