The word “lonely” describes a human state or feeling involving isolation, or the feeling of disconnection with others, etc. Why you’re feeling lonely? Why am I feeling lonely? The reason differs from each individual. Some feels lonely because they don’t have a life partner, a soul mate. Some feels lonely because they have lost their loved ones. Some feels lonely because they choose to be. This is a common feeling shared by millions of people, perhaps billion, or even trillions around the world. Thus, the way individuals deal with it also varies. Some seek refuge in calm, quiet places of escape. Some would just make themselves busy with daily chores or an extra item in their daily organizer.

The real meaning of loneliness and being lonely is subject to one’s views and opinion. This feeling can’t be judge by other individual upon others. For example, you know that Carlos is single. You see him as a lonely person. U judged him from the outside but the truth is he’s not even close to being a lonely person. He has his dreams to look forward to, his “things” that he does, he still has his parents, and he feels that he doesn’t need a company. He’s doing just fine.

You failed to judge how he’s feeling and you can’t even try to judge what he’s feeling. What I’m trying to say is, being lonely or to seek for loneliness is “freedom”. Freedom from being connected with others.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to be lonely, even though the fact that I’m not. It sort of gives me a quick plunge into the water, away from the heat of the burning pirate ship. I know I would never survive the rough sea without clinging onto something. I know I have to swim back towards the burning ship, grab a piece of wood plank and hang on to it.

Loneliness is a feeling, a kind of freedom and it is a choice.

Please understand.


AL said...

aptly put.


it is a choice.

Joe Max of yellow & orange (e-fanzine & blog) said...

Everybody have their own opinion, everybody have their own companion,

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