Impak Maksima The Musical

Yesterday, I went to watch the “Impak Maksima The Musical” show at Istana Budaya. At first I was very reluctant, but since my gf asked me to give it a shot, I give it a go. Plus, her lil brother + birthday boy + game freak (way to go bro!!!) wanted to lend my PSP for a few days. It’s been a while since I last saw him. And, her cousin Wawa, which scored 5A’s in her UPSR result, also tags along. So, this is kind of a treat for them and I wanna be apart of it!!hee..

So anyway, I left my house in Klang at about 7:50 with 34 missed calls on my phone (sorry FHJ,I wuz at the gym n left my phone at home!!) and it was raining like mad. I reached IB at 8:40 p.m, ran out from the parking lot to the main entrance, partially drenched, and I entered the main hall just after they finished playing the national anthem. Lucky me!
FHJ with Wawa & O.J
A little info about the show, IMTM as u know is a movie hit (ye ke?) at d local cinema. Cite pasal drifting (mainly), dan diselang-selikan dengan adengan poyo remaja bercinta dan kehidupan kolej yang KURANG logic. Just imagine a college student cum drift king? Tipu sgt kot? They are a few of college boys yg bawak Nissan Skyline GTR 34 RB26DETT ke kolej, tp show off je uhh. Mane ade yg drift pon. Huhu. Plus, adengan sebelom race yg sgt tak leh blah. Tetibe je kat atas jalan ade DJ tgh spin lagu, pastu crew b-boy mane tah battle kat situ, dan aweks poyo menari mcm tgh stone ectasy kt tengah2 jalan dgn mengenakan pakaian yg amat stylo sesuai utk pg ke Grammy Award. Dan balak-balak drifter pon pkai baggy pants, baju stylo dgn bling-bling and rambut yg dah siap setting.

Senarai tak logik :

1) College students do drift, but mostly that I know is with an old school Toyota Corolla GL, an upgraded engine of Corolla Levin 4AGE 16 Valve TVIS or 4AGE 20 Valve Quad Throttle Twin Cam.

2) Kt dunia ni byk org kaye, tp xde lagi yg saye jumpe yg sanggup membaraikan Nissan Skyline GTR 34 RB26DETT milik sendiri untuk setup ke kolej dan drift, tanpa mendapat sponsor dari mana2 syarikat. Sape tak syg Skyline beb!!!

3) Most of B-Boys and Hip Hoppers don’t mix with drifters / racers. Kalau tak, kt Sepang Drag battle dah lame le sebelom start ade DJ spin lagu dgn breakdancing. Duhh!

4) Awek2 yang teman bf masing2 g drift / drag selalunya tak pakai mcm nak g clubbing, atau menari kat tgh jalan. Sepanjang gua hidop kat K.L ni, xpenah lagi gua tgk hot babe pakai sexy2 menari tgh2 jalan mcm org gile. (nk tiru Tokyo Drift konon).Saye selalu tgk Ah Fai, drifter sebenar dlm Impak Maksima, founder club drift Angle D5 beraksi di dunia nyata kat USJ n local drifting event. Xde plak dia pakai bling, full cap dgn baju FUBU berseluar baggy utk drift.
And the list goes on lah. Malas nak tulis, banyak perkara-perkara tahyul dalam arena drift tempatan. So basically, plot citer dier mcm ni. Ade this one guy, called DK (drift-king, tiru name mamat dlm Tokyo Drift lagi) with his 3 buddies, yang kononnya merupakan drifter sejati, xmahu belajar, menghabiskan duit mak bapak kat kolej swasta tempatan yg stylo habis macam gi blaja kat Massachusets Institue Of Technology. Pastu, nak dijadikan citer, this DK guy got his main rival in drifting, which is Ray. They owiz compete against each other to be the “DK” of the streets lah. Then in DK’s college life, he met with this new freshie which supposed to be so hot and tempting.

Nak dijadikan cite lagi pulak, typical Malay movie flirting plot, Ika dislikes DK at the beginning and this madafaka try everything he can to win her heart lah. The, the hero gets the girl only to ofund out that Ika is Ray’s sister (mmg dah agak pon kan?). So, Ray being a good brother, always watch over Ika, and found out she’s been seeing DK for a few times. Pastu, abang marah. Abang ajak BF adik race, BF adik ego, tak nak mengalah dgn bakal abang ipar.

Last skali, BF adik accident, kojol. Abang dgn machonya mcm gangster masok balai, adik menangis teresak2 dgn kematian BF (mcm dia tahu je kat mane finishing line & kat mane kete BF dia akan berenti setelah terbabas. Tah2 dia sendiri yang tarok minyak kat jalan kasi licin sehingga menyebabkan Nissan Skyline GTR 34 RB26DETT milik Bfnye shred to pieces. Tamat. And we as an audienced suppose to feel sad bout it rite?
The KopiCat Cafe
This IMTM is co-produced by Excellent Picture, Istana Budaya and Global Network Entertainment Sdn Bhd. Menampilkan kombinasi aktor original (mcm yg dlm cite) dgn actor baru (I think bcoz sape yg blakon dlm movie xsemestinya pandai blakon theatre kot) such as Awal Ashaari, Jue Aziz and Dynaz Mokhtar, among others. It is co-directed by Zulhuzaimi, with Cat Farish (owner KopiCat CafĂ©, yang papan iklan kedainya tergantung lame gile mase kat atas stage, mase scene ‘lepak2 sementara tunggu GAME’ satu cara mempromosikan kedai barangkali?) and Belalang as the music director and choreographer respectively.

So, the opening of the show is not as good as the last time I went to IB to watch “The King and I”. The music was played minus one using CD, not live orchestra. I was never a big fan of musical movie (Oh God please have mercy on me!) but one movie came to my attention is “Sweeney Todd” starring Johnny Depp (ur the man, dude!!) and directed by Tim Burton (gua x suke Nightmare Before Christmas beb..xtau apehal)..Movie tu mmg gothic ahh..Abg angkat gua lak blakon..perghh!! Emo + Gothic + The Dark Side Of London!heh..

Err.. Ok.. Getting back to IMTM, they have this nicely choreograph dance moves mase opening tu but to my eye, it lacked drama, as in dramatic. Bile tgk opening dia punya dance moves, kita rase mcm..’Ooo..Ok2..’ instead of “perghh..gile siott!!!”…Then, as the intro were about to finish, baru ahh I get my “perghh..gile siott!!!” feeling. The stage, which looked like a normal stage at first, suddenly started moving! N it reall moved!! They have this ‘laser’ kindda thingy which make the stage looks like a track circuit. The the wall at the back of the stage suddenly rise upwards, and then the next wall, and the next wall..Mase tu rase mcm, “luasnye stage nihh!!!”..Its like the stage back wall extend backwards smp mcm boleh accommodate like another 4 or 5 stages.Huu.Giler. I did a lil search on the net & this is wut I found out :

The theatre. Can't take photos during the show :(

“On how he plans to present the action scenes on a limited space on the stage, Ahmad Idham said the matter has been sorted out with Istana Budaya’s management.

“We have come up with a solution. However, I can’t dwell much on the details as we want it to be a surprise for everyone,” said Idham, excited with his latest project.

About RM50,000 would be spent to produce a high end stage for IMTM.

“Looking at Impak Maksima, we agree that it will need a wider space to run its action scenes.

The amount that we will spend will also include installing safety measures for the new stage,” said Juhari.

“We don’t think the expense is going to be a waste because the stage can be used again in the future if the need arises for other productions.

I believe it’s a good investment for Istana Budaya and will be a boost for the local theatre industry,” he said.

And there you have it. No wonder I didn’t see any of these “stage tricks” before since it was installed prior to IMTM. One of my favourite part was when Ah Fai wat ‘donut’ kat atas stage. Maklumlah. Atas stage je kot? Xleh nak Feinto Drift. Heh!! And yes I do agree, this will certainly be a boost for the local theatre industry. Sgt2 boost. Not Overboost. Kalau dh overboost, nnt head terangkat, block pecah, intercooler leaking, last skali salin enjin baru sebijik kat kdai potong Jalan Kapar, Klang. Huhu.

Floor Fever Crew

The dance teams for IMTM deserve a 5 star for peformance. Sape eh? Ermm..ade this Istana Budaya Dancers, Floor Fever (familiar faces that you might've seen at various shows. Most of them dance for some of KL's big hip hop acts) , and Impak Dancers. So, it strongly recommend for theatre beginners to go and see the show, lagipon tiket murah je, RM20. But buy the RM50 one lah if you want to see it bests. IMTM is scheduled to be staged from Nov 11 to 22 at Panggung Sari Ista na, Istana Budaya. So, don’t miss up on this. Sekian laporan saye.
Hero Saye Duduk Di Sebelah kiri : Ah Fai


fhj said...

ure right... 34 mc! haha
kelam kabut + worried tht you might not get in the theater coz sampai lambat plus ur tix is with me..haihss..
But lucky we managed to sit in just before the show starts! hee...

Adam said...

Impak Maksima syok sendiri..apa2 pun Ah Fai and Tg Djan..dlm malaysia..mmg power aa.. bkn ala2 nk tiru Tokyo Drift..i still remember this quote " Filem saya lebih baik dari Tokyo Drift" ..WTF???? dalam melodi kuaq dulu...