Defensive Wound

“Emotional catharsis, pain-stained melodies, straight out guitars, and pulsative drumming”

Defensive Wound is an emotive hardcore bands rising from a small city named Port Klang which is located in the royal town of Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Our music are influenced by bands like Escape, Fingerprint, Anomie, Hour Of The Star, Suis La Lune, Rites of Spring, Orchid, La Quite, Neil Perry, Pg.99, Ampere, Raein and many more. The line-up is Kinto on guitar and vocals, Hairi on guitar / bass (recording session), and Ripped on drums / backing vocals.

Defensive Wound stands for the scars and painful tragedies in one’s life, and an epic of their own battle against one free will. It is also a symbolical name that encourages people not to give up on what they do despite the bitterness that they has gone through and to strive to make this world a better place to live in by living life poison free. We sing with an individual perspective on matter that affects them directly, sharing their pain, pleasure & suffering. Matters such as domestic problems in our scene and the world we live in like drugs abuse, violence against women, child abuse, corruptions, bribes, illegal prostitutions, wage slavery, pollutions, earth abuse, global warming, nuclear energy and gangs’ activities.
We are aware about consuming animal products and cruelty against animals. We care about our surrounding and try to make a point and educate others that everyone should be safe while walking on the streets without being harassed by snatchers, cops or stranger. We also fight to release people with such tragedies, phobias and painful encounter in life to start living free again. People in the natural way are free and independent, but as life gets older we are strangled by the system, people themselves, fear, low self esteem, dark tragedy that may cause nervous breakdown, mental torture and a broken spirit.

We try to understand every incident in a human life that might have a big impact on each individuals, their well being and future. For us, everyone have the rights to live freely without emotional scars or mental torture by the sick society. Even that we are too little to change the society but we always believe that every spark that has been ignited counts. We also believe that everyone should live a healthy lifestyle by being an intelligent consumer. We respected other people who are not hardcore/punk and believe in giving choices for other people to choose their own lifestyle.

We started in 2008 as a hardcore band and we mix a pinch of emotive character in our songs because of personal experience that we face everyday in our city. We use hardcore music and ideology as a weapon to cure problems that had penetrated the youth culture today and we take it as a challenge. There is so much of problem in the world that we didn't see or care to think about because of our comfortable lifestyle. This is beyond everyone thinking and it is absurd to think about it because it’s not important to some people, and it’s such a waste of time. We do it because we care and share the suffering of others, and we take a step to change what’s going on in our daily life.

Although our journey had just started, we would like to make a point that this is not just a passing phase in life and we will keep doing what we like and struggle to have a positive scene, hopefully to see a change in the corrupted society we live in.

We hope to promote Malaysian Hardcore to the outside world so they know that there’s a scene trying to break through. We will not stop until we’re too old to sing, play, write and breathe. These are our motives and our goals as a band and want to set example to the new kids so they won’t be astray.

This is from the kids to the kids for the kids.

Stay hardcore.


AL said...

je jeng... je jeng... je je je jeng....


Joe Max of yellow & orange (e-fanzine & blog) said...

Justin Timberlake takde dalam influence ke?

Kronik Kronisme said...

oh bes ni 90's emo hardcore