Dispute over the word "ALLAH"

This is my honest opinion from my point of view.

How many times have the bible been revised???
This is the latest revision that is taking place right before their very eyes. Human intervention has corrupted the bible from almost day one more so after the council of Nicea, presided by a pagan ruler.

So catholics and christian please do more research on this topic in order to see what has been done the bible all this while.
How many version of the bible are there today? Numerous, unaccountable, and they keep revising it day after day,
Are these works Gods work or Human?

In Islam there is only one Quran, in Arabic read by billions today even though they may not be Arabs.Translation aplenty, but the original revealed to The Prophet MUHAMMAD by Angel Jibril still stand today as it was more than 1400 yrs ago.
Attempts have been made by zionist element to distort the Quran, but Allah promise that Allah will protects it. Proven so many times.
A few weeks ago the world celebrated christmas, no its not Jesus birthday, its the birthday of one of the Roman god namely the Sun god (Mithra) It has nothing to do with Jesus.

Get the point, you have been deceived, by who else if not the west themselves.
After all who would want to listen to a Malay talking about Jesus and religion, a race that has been look down upon by the non Malays
for centuries.

But unfortunately when it comes out of the mouth of orang putih you took it wholeheartedly assuming it was God that was talking to you.
It still happens today in many aspects of our life. Prejudice is everywhere.
Do make an effort to study and compare the position of Jesus from the Islamic point of view too.

May you be enlighten by it.


Joe Max said...

Mereka berpasangan...selalunya berpasangan Ji...tetapi kita selalu akan lupa yang lagi satu...kita marah Zionist...tetapi kita selalu lupa akan vatican..selalu lupa Vatican... Al Fatihah Ayat 7, siapa maghduubi (yang di murkai)? siapa dooolliiin (yang sesat)? dan Al Baqarah Ayat 120, dan tidak akan senang Yahudi dan Nasrani itu terhadap kamu sehingga kamu mengikut jejak langkah mereka... kita selalu lupa yang lagi satu, kita selalu lupa Vatican...

kinto said...

Salah kita sendiri