When its decided..

I may not be a decisive person. There are a lot of things to be considered I suppose. I always tend to count all these little issues and details.


Sometimes I can be unassure of things. Maybe Im the type of person that needs certainty,security,and planning.

yes, I'm boring. Typical. Nothing special.

Im not too good at gambling. Hence, I dont gamble. Tried. Tried. Tried. Failed. Learned my lesson well.

I found it hard to choose. So I rather not choose. Rather not rush in making any decisions. Wait. Give it a little time.

Pro-choice or Pro-Life?

I dont know what I want. And yes, I keep comparing. A lot.

But when I have decided..And I mean finally decided..

Then there's no turning back. I would give my all,my everything.

And yes, I have decided.