Suffocation Kills Hope..Brings Heartache..

I dont know whats wrong. And I bet you dont know too. That is all that I've been thinking about since like forever. Maybe that just it. The end of it all. Maybe at the moment Im writing this, thinking of the things we had, you were thinking about something else, and enjoying other company. Maybe to you this is all a big joke. Maybe to me all of this is a big joke too. But it aint funny anymore so i decided to leave the show.


AL said...

'maybe' = uncertainty. n if u make decisions on uncertainty, it shows who you are and what you stand for.

*leaving the show because u u want to is acceptable.

kinto said...

theres nothing certain in this world,but humans make decisions everyday anyway.

Why get into marriage when there's uncertainty?Maybe the guy/women would die next month?Maybe he would cheat / leave. Maybe the couple wont get any children?But still, humans make that decision.

Humans make things look beautiful to our own eyes so that we could live with it.we dont want to know the truth.McDonalds potrays a nice and yummy images of burgers etc.They dont potray dead cute lil cows.So the consumer would see the nice package and decide to buy their products.

Things looks nice,but doesnt mean that they're really are.

So,when u buy a burger from McDonalds, does that shows that ur unaware of animal rights and agree on massive killings of animals?

Does that shows that you dont care about your diet?

Does that shows whats you stand for?

Does that shows who you really are?
A ruthless meat eater?

Maybe the show was funny.Maybe the writer intend to write a funny script,thus making it a funny show. At first the show is REALLY funny,but as the plot progresses, to me, its not funny anymore. I dont know why. Maybe I dont understand the joke. I dont enjoy the show anymore. So, I decided to leave. I dont want to leave the show, but it doesnt entertain me anymore at that point of time.

Waited.Waited.Waited.No progress.

AL said...

u make decisions on what you want. thats how it goes. if you believe in making decisions in maybe. then just like u said once b4, there'd owev b regrets and what ifs...

but then again, do wtv u believe is best and deal with the consequences.

Yellow and Orange Fanzine Weblog said...

the sentence "so i decided to leave the show" really cool bro... better to burn out than fade away... bak kata Kurdt D. Kobain takpun.."berhenti masa tengah sedap" bak akta Tun Mahathir Mohamed

kinto said...

AL - Think I had enuff of wht ifs..i dont see anything in it for me anymore..obviuosly theres a price to be paid..I did a quiz in Facebook,and a "friend" said that I'm not decisive.Ifs doesnt work for me anymore.So,any advice?

Joe - Che Det kata tu btoi..tapi ni dah tak sedap dah..Memang patot berenti pon..

AL said...

no suggestions. do what you want.