Coping With Changes

Everything I know is about to change..Me,myself and I..the people around me, the environment, the society, family, friends..These things will always happen..Changes..long before we were born...long after we are dead..there are still cahnges..Human being has live in this kind of situation since Adam & Eve..and yet some of us find it hard to cope with changes..and why is that?

Been thinking bout this a lot lately..and i do mean A LOT..Just cant embrace changes..its hard..its supposed to happen, but not during the time that im not ready...yet..just...yet..not..ready...yet..(((silent scream..frustration)))

things dont work like they used to..songs dont make you feel like you used to..pets grew old and grew thin to fat..candles burn bright then blow out..paintings on walls fade away..some of it is dramatic than the others..

cant handle those less dramatic feels just like cancer..eating you from the inside slowly..rotting..dying..slowly..bit by bit..atoms by atoms..i would really appreciate one big blow than this..

"It's better to burn out than to fade away" - Kurt Donald Cobain


AL said...

changes should be embraced. without changes, there can be no progress. we may sometimes not be ready during those changes. but then again, when will we ever be?

you can stay the way you are while things change, and let them go by or you could choose to grow with it.

changes aren't all that bad.

kinto said...

agree.but theres just no security.

AL said...

aaa... of course. but since when la u need security? thought that it's never been a prob? security comes when u make decisions to stick with what u decide. not everything changes just like that. some things change for the better or worse according to situations and factors that need them to.

Yellow and Orange Fanzine Weblog said...

I've read a book. written by a politician. he wrote that 'nobody could escape tax, death and...change' change is reality, as real as this keyboard that i touch. but as far as i know, inside me there is habit, which is, i hate to face a change. as we know, old habit die hard.therefore,for me...stagnated rules!. who trust politician anyway...heh! we are in the same ship my beloved friend-in-law.

kinto said...

AL - need security since im think im getting older!heheh..wasnt thnkng ths much when i was young.."who needs SPM anyway?Cobain doesnt.."..change for the better pon xbest jugak..saya tetap mahu baca zine yg dicetak!!saya tidak mahu zine online!

Joe - Friend-in-law? there's double meaning or thats just that? U freak me out dude! hahaha

Yellow and Orange Fanzine Weblog said...

kintoism - that's just that... i try to be cynic & sarcasm in this post modern neo-romanticism world...:)

kinto said...

understood ;)