I'm Out,You Take Over

Did I ever bother about your personal stuff?
Did I ever ask for your intervention?
Did I ever?

Sharing is caring..
Friends cares..
But they should'nt be smart ass and try to run their friend's life for them..

If u think that I will lose a diamond while I'm too busy collecting stones,
U're fucking wrong..

Since when do you care anyway?
Last week?Maybe last month?Or even last year?

I've always been alone to make decisions anyway..
Dont come tumbling in my life now and say you know whats best for me..
Because as far as I'm concerned, its not like this before..
Why now?
Because u cared?
Fuck YOU!

I dont even need a friend like you..
Just because your relationship worked doesnt mean that you know whats best for me..
And judge what I have..
Whether its a stone or diamond?
Dont you think I know?

I have my own way of doing things..
Maybe your great..you build a vessel in a day..
Maybe it took me 1 whole fucking decade..

BUt hey!!
Its my damn fucking place and i'm damned fucking proud of it..
And I work damn hard to achieve it..with my own way!

But then again..
Who needs a vessel with two captains steering the opposite way..



Joe Max of yellow & orange (e-fanzine & blog) said...

it's a natural...the young take over the old...it's a fair...but who is the traitor behinds this... whenever i thought that i was out..they pull me back in! - Mike Corleone, The Godfather Part 3